Have you ever wanted to try your hand at designing your own perfume?


From the burning of incense for ceremony to the distillation of flowers, fruits and woods for nobility and a symbol of indulgence, aroma has decorated our lives and the lives of our ancestors for thousands of years.


We are offering our first DIY perfume kit and invite you invent your own perfumes right in the comfort of your own abode! No kidding!


You will be able to make 100’s of combinations to find your perfect scent or scents for yourself or for others. We will set you up for success!


Our kit starts with the oils.

These are what makes the “juice” of the scent.


Fragrance Oil=FO Essential Oil=EO


We will send you a “baker’s dozen” of 13 concentrated fragrant oils.


Vanilla (FO)

Sandalwood (FO)

Tobacco (FO)

Musk (FO)

White Amber (FO)

Oakmoss (FO)

Tea (FO)

Rose (FO)

Orange Blossom (FO)

Bergamot (EO)

Pink Grapefruit (EO)

Pink Peppercorn (FO)

Fern (FO)


You’ll need bottles!


We are including:

3 roll-on bottles,

3 1-dram bottles

3 Mini Spray Bottles

3 10ml Amber Euro-dropper bottles


You’ll also need carriers (the liquids you mix with your oils)


2oz MCT Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil

2oz Organic Grain Alcohol


This and that!

3 extra pipettes

A notebook for your formulas.


10 scent Strips

Info cards that teach you about perfume!



The value of this kit is $389

We are offering a beginning perfumery Zoom class…FREE! ($150 Free)


We have just added 10 more kits!


Crave some additional aromatic options?

We have three 3-pack add-ons you can choose from!

Or add them all!  


Need more Fragrances!

Floral Frenzy: $57





Beautiful Bases: $57





Essential Naturals: $57

Lavender EO

Green Mandarin EO

Lemon EO


Need extra bottles?

5-pack Roll-on bottles: $12.50

5-pack 1-dram bottles $10

5-pack Small Sprays $12.50

5-pack Euro-droppers: $14.50


Need more carriers?

MCT Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil) 8oz for $8.50

Organic Grain Alcohol 8oz $20


We will schedule the Zoom Perfume Class as soon as everyone has received their kit.


The email will come from jennifer@phoebepeacock.com


DIY Perfume Kit +1hr Zoom Class

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